Photo courtesy of Lynchburg College’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program
Photo courtesy of Lynchburg College’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program

Our Mission

The Bedford Community Health Foundation:

  • Works to identify and address community health needs;
  • Awards scholarships for nursing programs and allied health education;
  • Makes grants to non-profit organizations providing direct health services;
  • Encourages community involvement through donations and service;
  • Serves as a community health information resource.

The foundation has provided support to a variety of health related programs, including:

  • Adult Day Care
    • Charity Care
    • Fitness and Physical Therapy
    • Free Clinics
    • Health Education for Children and Adults
    • Health Screenings and Equipment
    • Hospice
    • Hospital and Nursing Home Equipment
    • National Health Organizations’ Initiatives in Bedford
    • Non-emergency Medical Transportation
    • Nursing and Allied Health Education
    • Nutrition and Wellness
    • Parish Nursing
    • Physicians and Specialists Requirements
    • Prescription Medication Assistance
    • School Health
    • Rescue Squad Support/Emergency Care/EMS
    • Substance Abuse Prevention/Mental Health/Domestic Abuse Prevention

Our Core Values

Believing the best possible healthcare should be available to the citizens of the Bedford community.

Trusting that philanthropy can change the health of the Bedford community for the better.

Recognizing that we can accomplish our purpose only with strong support and partnership.

Conducting business according to the highest ethical principles and serving as trustworthy stewards of our resources.

Embracing diversity with a commitment to understanding and addressing shared needs.

Understanding that the Foundation exists to serve its members and community.

Making an important, positive, and lasting impact on the health of the people who live in the Bedford area.

Serving as an active and visible health resource and health advocate for the Bedford community.