Strength in Leadership

 Photo courtesy of Lynchburg College’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy ProgramThe Board of the Bedford Community Health Foundation is comprised of individuals representing a wide range of expertise and life experiences.  According to Foundation bylaws, the Board is made up of nine members, though vacancies do occur from time to time.  New members are elected at the Annual Meeting in May of each year.  Trustees serve up to three years and are eligible to serve up to two consecutive terms.

Trustees play an integral role in the work and growth of the Foundation.  They oversee the organization’s grant making policy as well as ultimately select and approve the organizations who receive grants each Spring and Fall.  They oversee the Foundation’s investments as well as review monthly balance sheets.

As ambassadors in the community, they identify areas of health need and concern.  They share those needs and help develop plans and projects to address them as appropriate to the Foundation vision and mission.  Additionally they recruit new members and develop relationships with area non-profit partners.

The Board meets quarterly.  The Executive, Development, Scholarship, Personnel, Grants Review, Nominating and Audit Review committees meet on an “as needed” basis.  Committees are made up of Board members as well as Advisory Council members.

The Advisory Council is a team of area residents who are keenly interested in the health and wellness of the community.  They provide a broad base of input from the community regarding health needs and programs that the Foundation may want to support.  The Council provides the concerned citizen with an opportunity to play an active role in improving the health and health resources of all Bedford area residents.

Current Board of Trustees

Dr. Garrett Hurt, Chair

Patricia Knox, Vice Chair

Jason Owens, Treasurer

John Messier

Emily Rowe-Sitzler

Jane Winters

Patricia Walker

John Stafford

Mary Zirkle



Denny Huff, CEO

Kimberly L. Dooley, Program Officer


Current Advisory Council

Dana Grant

Debbie Rhodes

Harriett Hurt

Sandra Boyes

John Owen

Sherry Lane

Randi Herrick

Linda S. Beam

Anne Soukhanov