Maxwell Dudley Davidson Scholarship


Maxwell Dudley Davidson Scholarship is designed to help an RN student who agrees to work in the Bedford area in healthcare following graduation.  Student must submit program costs and once approved, provide grades on an on-going basis.  Recipient can receive $2,000 a year for a maximum of three years (first year general courses do not qualify for funding).  Student must apply for employment within 30 days of graduation.  For every 1,040 hours worked, $1,000 will be credited against the amount the student received in funding.  If employment is severed for any reason, the nurses must repay any remaining balance.

REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must be accepted for employment, after graduation, at either Bedford Memorial Hospital or a pre-approved healthcare provider in Bedford City/County. Students must be studying for their ADN, RN, or RN/BSN.

The scholarship does not pay for the first year of general education classes in a four year degree program.
Applicant must be a Bedford City/County resident, enrolled in a Virginia state approved program of study, maintain a “C” average or above for each class and be a full time student.

Applicant must apply for a position at Bedford Memorial Hospital within 30 days of graduation. Applicant can apply for a position with another healthcare provider located in Bedford City/County with approval.

Once employed in Bedford, scholarships awarded will be forgiven based on the number of hours worked. For each 1,040 hours (approximately 6 months) worked, $1,000 will be credited to the total sum of award that the student received. If employment is severed for any reason, the remaining balance will become due. It is the responsibility of the nurse to repay all money received from the Foundation in these situations.

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In response to the governors declared state of emergency to address the Coronavirus pandemic, the Bedford Central Library will be closed to the public beginning Wednesday, March 18, 2020. As a result, The Bedford Community Health Foundation will make available curb side drop-off service for grant application delivery on March 18 through April 1st.

Our staff will be available to accept grant applications from 9 am to 3:30 pm each day. Prior to coming to drop-off your grant application, we ask that you call 540.586.5292 or call/text (540) 798-0214 so we can meet you outside. If someone is not available to meet you, please drop-off curbside to library staff and they will ensure we receive it.