2015 Year in Review



  • The Foundation increased its grant awards and its scholarships in 2015.  Mental health services, fire and rescue and a variety of health care programs benefited from grant dollars received from the Foundation.  That funding was in addition to the traditional “safety net” kind of funding that goes to area partners like Bedford Christian Ministries, the Free Clinic of Central Virginia and RX Partnership.
  • Localities of all sizes are experiencing shortages of trained healthcare providers.  Bedford is no different.  Fortunately scholarship applications increased and the Foundation funded students aspiring to be physical therapists, Doctors of Nurse Practitioner, occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, as well as BSNs, RNs, PNs and NAs.
  • Tremendous strides were made in the Bridges Out of Poverty initiative including an increase in the number of people trained as trainers.  These new Bridges “experts” can expand the reach of Bridges in our Town and County as they lead neighborhoods, church groups, civic organizations and individuals in embracing Bridges concepts.  Community partnerships increased and strengthened as groups focus on making critical resources accessible to everyone regardless of race, sex, ethnicity, religion or income.  The Foundation played a key role in the progress, realizing that poverty impacts health in so many ways.
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